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I haven’t been blogging much lately, and I have even skipped the major beer festivals in Norway and Denmark in May. Well, there are lots of others chronicling what is going on.

I guess it is very much a matter of inspiration – and a question of life outside of the beer blogosphere.


As I’ve told you, I took a course in German at the Goethe Intitut here in Oslo last year. This was very inspiring, and I will probably be doing more courses on a more advanced level in the future. But it is also a matter of practicing the language. Sue, I can do oval weekends in Hamburg or Frankfurt, becoming very proficient in ordering Scnitzel and Apfelwein. But I could also be more daring.

I work in the communications department of a major hospital in Oslo, and I asked my boss if I could approach a similar hospital in Germany and ask to do a few weeks’ internship. This was approved, and my e-mail to a university hospital in Munich got a prompt and positive answer.

I am sure the days will be busy enough, trying to keep up with what is happening around me. But there will hopefully be some mellow evenings and ample opportunities to sample the local brews. I hope to get out of Munich and see some of the nearby cities and countryside, too.

So I’ve been researching a bit, showing that there are some hidden gems besides the famous attractions. There are tiny family run inns with their own brewery if you look closely enough, even if they tend to be overshadowed by the giants of Lövenbräu, Hofbräuhaus and the others. So, I send out e-mails in awkward German and try to figure out bicycle paths and suburban train maps.

There is only one problem. As I’ve said before – It’s not the beer, it’s the water:

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