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I am sure there are experts on riders in the entertainment industry, and while the survivors of the more hedonistic days of rock ’n’roll nowadays ask for wheat grass juice and decaf skinny soy latte, I am sure there are performers who demand craft beer as well. That’s for someone else to find out.

But these documents may also be opening the door to beer history. Who would have thought that world-famous Norwegian soprano Kirsten Flagstad (1895-1962) asked for beer instead of vintage champagne?

In 1950, the singer agreed to perform in Purcell’s opera «Dido og Aeneas» at The Mermaid Theatre in London. The rather humourous contract obliges her to be obedient, tractable, sweet-tempered and helpful in every possible way, and not to brag about the Vikings.
The management, on the other hand, was to supply her with two pints of oatmeal stout per diem at the follow-ing times and in the following quantities, viz. lunch one half pint, dinner one half pint, and one pint following each performance.
The whole story is nicked from the online beer column in the Norwegian provincial daily Østlendingen, written by Bjørn-Frode Løvlund. He has even published a copy of the original agreement.

Soprano stout

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