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After all the years in the wilderness, I guess we should bow and be grateful. The Oslo beer scene has exploded, and next week it is a matter of picking and choosing.

In addition to a beer festival at Aker Brygge and one at the new Vulkan food hall, held simultaneously in separate parts of town, there is a the-more-the-merrier Oktoberfest competing for attention. There is the 2nd birthday of Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri, featuring some very interesting new stuff.

There are beer tastings at bars and restaurants. There is a press event celebrating Pilsner Urquell, I’d not be surprised if that involves the (excellent) unfiltered version of the beer.

You can attend a Brewmaster’s Dinner several evenings in a row. One of tem with beers from Erdinger, hereby nominated for the Least Exciting Beer Event of the Year.


I’ll be at our mountain retreat most of the week, without losing any sleep for not attending the proceedings. But I’ll probably pop in at both festivals on the Saturday.

But I have a feeling that this is far too much. That some of the events will be less than succesful. And that there are far too many people without a clue jumping on the bandwagon. But that does not mean that things were better when we were an underground movement.

The more the merrier? Photo nicked from the amazing Oktoberfest Girls blog.

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