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Bavarian Brews

I fished these two beers out of my box of Bavarian Lent beers just before we left for our Easter break in the Norwegian mountains. Some enthusiasts had managed to make a short ski track on Sunday, but by now the skiing season is over. Dry frost means pleasant hiking anyway, and I also had to spend some tme removing the last of the sticky ski wax.
So I felt I had earned the refreshement in these two bottles, one lovely red/brown, one pale.
The Stein-bock is from the Sclossbrauerei Stein, a classic Bock with walnuts, lots of grain and just the right bittersweet balance.
The Josephi from Pyraser is a pale Bock, brewed once a year on 19 March. I assume this is fresh from the brewery. Cereals, fine use of aromatic and bitter Central European hops.
I’d think beers like these would make the sacrifices of lent much more bearable.


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Might be old news to some of you, but these Belgian stamps featuring Trappist beers have just reached my attention. Lovely.

If more countries follow up, I’ll have to start collecting again.

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