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Way before I started ticking tasting beers, I collected comic books. Beatles records. Science Fiction books.

But first of all, stamps. My younger readers probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Buy me a beer, and I’ll explain.


I never had much money, so all the rare misprints eluded me. I always hoped they would turn up. In my grandparent’s attic. On a Christmas card.

But they never did.

But what did I spot today?

A Nøgne Ø label misprint. Same batch number, two label variations.

See you on eBay when I find out which one is the regular and which is the rarity.

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I’ve not gone away on a permanent basis, just a wee bit busy at home at at work. I promise to be back with more blog posts.

Meanwhile, I share some thoughts, some articles and some photos on twitter. Not just beer, maybe I ought to split up into various twitter personalities. For the time being, follow me at @KnutAl . That is also a convenient way of keeping updated on new blog posts.

Lost of other beer people on twitter, too.

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