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Despite several visits over the last few years, there are large areas of Berlin I cannot claim to know. And those include areas just off the main tourist avenues.
A guide book and a good map comes in useful, and in this case Peter Sutcliffe’s Around Berlin in 80 Beers book showed me where to go when I had some time to spare before meeting up with my group at the Zoological Garden.

The Zillemarkt is just five minutes walk from the Kurfürstendam, but check on the map first, as the street numbering system might lead you astray. This is a fairly large tavern with outside seating on the pavement and a beer garden at the back, both of which are convenient for an afternoon refreshment. Loads of rustic German food, from the Miljöhplatte – which they claim is a good substitute for a week on full board – to smaller hot and cold snacks. I did not try the food.

They have, however, a few special house brews, which was the reason for me stopping by.

The Zillebräu Original is an unfiltered Kellerbier. Light, yet full flavored. A liberal use of hops as well as grain. A hint of yeast and a pleasant harsh hoppiness. Sweet cereals in the finish playing with the herbal hops.

The Zillebräu Schwarzbier has a coca cola color and a firm beige head. Lots of sweet caramel, as the Schwarzbiere tend to have around here. Bread, liquorice, there is good stuff here, but ut ends up with too much of a sugar overdose.

These beers are brewed especially for the restaurant, though the waitress was vague when I asked where. Peter Sutcliffe has not been successful in getting any details, either. But the Zillebräu Original is well worth a detour if you get an overload of window shopping on the flashy streets a few blocks away. In good company, I’m sure this would be a fine place to make an evening of it as well. There is even Weihenstephaner Hefeweisse on tap if that’s what you fancy.

Their web site has all the details, including the weekly menu.

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