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Moabit Markthalle

Once again a visit to Berlin, and the city was enjoying a glorious Indian summer. A fairly busy schedule, but careful planning and good infrastructure made it possible to visit a few beer places this time around as well.

I have visited the brewpub Brewbaker in its previous incarnation, when it was located in the railway arches of the Bellevue area. It has moved since then, I guess about a kilometer or so.

The Moabit market halls are signposted from the U-bahn station, and even on a Saturday afternoon, the market is easy to navigate. There is a butcher shop, a poultry stall, a cheese monger and a wine shop. Their products seemed fine enough, and the prices seemed decent, at least for a Norwegian, The place was, however, almost empty at two on a Saturday afternoon. Not an encouraging sign. This is the time when it should be filled with weekend shoppers, either picking up food to take home or to enjoy at one of the picnic tables in the market hall itself.

Anyway, I was not there to do any market research on German shopping habits. On to the brewpub, discreetly hidden behind the cheese shop.

I have had their pilsener before, it is even available bottled at the airport, so I wnt for the other beer on tap, the Moabit Festbier. Lovely hazy brown. Cereals, malt, full bodied. An elegant hoppy bitterness to balance, even some sourness related to a proper German Altbier. And the lovely freshness that you get at some brewpubs, trying to seduce you to have just one more.

The Red Lager was available in (hand-)bottled form. Hazy red brew, creamy head. malty body, but it is the crsip bitter hops that really makes this beer sing. Long lovely bitter tail.

The service was polite, if not very warm, and as they actually close at three on Saturdays, it was time for me to leave for my next stop. I did, however, buy two bottles fo the Doppel IPA, a strange hybrid if there ever was one.

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