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Beery apps

Alan has finally surrendered and bought an iPhone. He then, naturally, asks if there are any beery apps he could purchase.

I have been thinking about this as well, and as I’ve played with my iPhone for some months I have looked at a few beer apps. The ones I have found most interesting are connected to travel. Or, more precisely, geography. This means I don’t have much I can use here in Norway. But the ones I have found give you an idea of what to expect.

Fancyapint is based on the London web site of the same name, allowing you to find pubs on the map, read reviews and meet up with friends there. In an ideal world it would have updates about the beers on offer in the pubs, but this is a fine starting point.

FrankenBIER is an official beer guide to Franconia, the most beery region in Bavaria. It covers brewpubs, breweries, brewery museums, suggests travel routes etc. Well laid out with maps, satellite photos and background articles. My version is German, I’d be surprised if there isn’t an English version on the way.

In Copenhagen Nørrebro Bryghus has an app that shows you which beers they currently have on tap. They could have added a bit more – why not the food menu and a list of bottled beers? I think this is an example of how this can be done cheaply and simply. But I would not fill up my phone or pad with many of these.

There are, of course, lots more out there. I am still waiting for proper ratebeer and BeerAdvocate apps.

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