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The food festival in Trondheim two weeks ago seemed to be a success, an important factor was probably that people needed a positive event to attend.

This was just a few tents when first arranged ten years ago or so, now it gathers lots of food producers from the Trøndelag region.

They are still not able to sell beers to take home – but at least there are designated areas where beer and wine is sold. The beers from Inderøy and Ølve seemed to be selling well, and so did the two beers from newcomer Røros Bryggeri, who currently brew their beers at Atna.

Johannes Konstknekt is a Kölsch-style beer. True to type, fruity and refreshing. As far as I know, it is regularly available in Røros.

They were giving out awards for the best micro breweries in the region, and they were shared by Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri and Klostergården. The Klostergården beers are not for general sale, I have to find a way to visit the island of Tautra where they are located.

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