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Boxes of beer from breweries are always welcome, and when they are domestic, it means I don’t have to fork out any money for duties and VAT. The package I got the other day was from Lervig Aktiebryggeri in Stavanger.

When Ringnes/Carlsberg closed down their brewery in Stavanger in 2003, this led to lots of local protests – and a new brewery. Initially they focused on varieties of pale lagers, but they have gradually evolved into a more interesting brewery. The four beers I received for review are good examples.

White Dog is their wheat beer, easily recognised bu the bubble gum and lemon in the nose and the hazy yellow color. Not totally a true to type German Hefewisse, it is a bit Belgian, too, a hint of soapy coriander. Very refreshing, a good and honest wheat beer. I hope this will be a regular.

Betty Brown is a brand new beer, a brown ale. The lady on the label is clad in a sou’wester hat, and the beer is, according to the label, the beer to go for in typical wet Norwegian summer weather. It is a deep dark red rather than brown color with a dry cocoa aroma. IT has caramel, burned sugar and dark fruit, a lovely bittersweet flavour. Lots of flavour for its 4.7% ABV, I would not mind being stuck somewhere with Betty Brown while the summer rain pours down. But I think a slightly stronger version could have been even better.

Lucky Dog is an American Pale ale, and the room is filled with lovely hop aroma as you open it. The flavour has a full hoppy character as well. Flowers, some pine, fresh herbal finish. Not extreme in any way, a fine step upwards for a lager drinker. The question is more how to market this to a local public when ads are banned.

The last one is a more serious beer than the others, Konrads’s Stout is an Imperial Stout, a part of their Brewmaster’s Reserve series, which also includes their Winter Ale. The beer is pitch black, with low carbonation. Lovely flavour of tar and old ropes. Smoke, liquorice, coffee, bitter chocolate. A perfect late night tipple, and a serious competitor to similar beers from Nøgne Ø and Ægir.

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