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It’s been rather wet around these parts this summer, meaning that the opportunities for outdoor drinking have been somewhat limited. A pity, as there are a few places that really stand out among the hundreds of pubs offering bland lagers and uninteresting food.

Olympen has an outstanding beer selection throughout the year, with Norwegian micros and interesting Danish and British imports. Their terrace is open during the summer months, with a more moderate selection of beers plus a barbecue menu that made me regret I had eaten before I arrived.

Of particular interest among the beers are two fairly strong newcomers from Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri which are only available from a few bars, being too strong to be sold in supermarkets.

Mærrabætt (The Mare’s Bite) is an APA with a very complex and inviting aroma. Strong in-your-face flavour, sharp hops on a foundation of sweet malt. Mint and grass, the hops are sharp enough to cut through the malt like a knife through butter.

Stut (The Bull) is an imperial stout, with a magnificent smoky nose. Deceiving light body. Fennel and soot, some milky coffee, too.

Both of them well worth exploring.

But if you want to enjoy them outdoors, you’d better get there early. It’s  a residential area, so their guests have to move indoors at eight. Sharp.

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