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  I am probably a bit of a snob, but I am usually avoid  food at airports and railway stations. But sometimes you cannot do any advance shopping, meaning you have to pick up something before running to your gate or platform. You’d usually go for an over-priced baguette in from one of the chains – you know exactly what you get.

It is nice to find really good stuff once in a while. Linate airport in Milan has lovely grilled panini. Both Tegel and Scönefeldt in Berlin have fine Marché restaurants to eat in or take away, offering healthy seasonal produce at reasonable prices. And Sourced Market in St. Pancras station, London, has fine fare for travellers.

Meat and cheese sliced fresh, fruit and vegs, coffee and baked goods. Snacks like pork pies and Scotch eggs. Hot meals, too.

And there is a very decent beer department, offering chilled drinks for your journey. Local beers from Kernel and Fuller’s, imports from Germany and Belgium. Not a staggering range, but enough for anyone to pick something nice for their journey.

And there are even tables where you may sit down and enjoy our food and drink if you have time before your train departs.

I’m sure you can save a few pennies if you buy sandwiches from M&S instead. But I hope there are enough customers to make the quality alternative viable.

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