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Sometimes you find examples of big gaps between cultures. (Don’t worry, I’m not going into any discussions about political Islam here.) I tend to have a fairly liberal outlook towards beer and beer drinking – if not I would have been blogging about something else. But I have to admit that there are regulations that I find sensible. Age limits for drinking. Regulation of aggressive advertising towards teenagers – usually more connected with alcopops than beer. The best is if the major players in the beer industry promote sensible drinking, and I feel most craft breweries appeal more to adult consumers.

But then there are countries where beer is looked upon as a staple food. It is their liquid bread, brewed in the village and sold next door to the local bakery and butcher’s shop.  I assume the children are poured a small glass with meals from a rather early age.

I try to respect this view of life and beer, but I feel that the promoters of the Munich Oktoberfest have gone too far this year. Along the other more or lass tasteful souvenirs, they have a  baby bottle shaped like a Bierkrug.

Now the little ones finally have their own beer mug. Looking just like a real beer mug, it comes along with teat so that Lederhosen and Dirndl stay clean, while the baby enjoys his “beer”, according to their web site.

It is just me being a grumpy old man?

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