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There is talk of a lawsuit over a brewery name. Ringnes (Carlsberg) is the result of a number of merges and aquisitions, and one of the brand names of old breweries in their portfolio is Schous. They have sold the real estate where the old brewery used to be, all that’s left is really the sign over the gate. But they are not too pleased that Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri uses a form of their old name, and they also claim that the logo is based on the old Schous logo. Let’s hope they can settle this before the lawyer’s fees get too high.

But the owners of Schouskjelleren, who also runs the highly successful beery restaurant Olympen, plans to brew more beer. According to a newspaper interview, they plan to start a brewery in Fredensborgveien, Oslo.

For those who plan to visit Oslo during the summer, note that Haandverkerstuene will close for some months during the summer, refurbishing their kitchen. But there is still time to pop in for a glass of Haandbryggeriets Costa Rica coffee beer.

Tilt, the bar with all the pinball machines, have sharpened their beer image. Expect to find a number of fine Norwegian micros on tap. Right now they have Ægir Maibock and Kinn Slåtteøl available.

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