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Denmark has been at the forefront of the beer revolution in Europe. They have a hundred micro breweries in a fairly small country, a consumer’s organisation with a large number of members and local associations, good shops and bars. There is even a broad press coverage of beer and brewing, probably because it is a major export industry.

Peter Myrup Olesen has been running the news site beerticker.dk for a few years, with an admirable coverage for a one man setup. I have quoted him many times over the years, and I have been happy to point out his site as one of the best in the beer world. It has been a tough job to finance this, but I was of the impression that he had managed to get funding from various sources.

The relationship between Peter and the Danish Beer Enthusiasts is the focus of a long post on his site today, where he accuses the organisation of not following up on promises of sponsorship and of stealing content from his site to use both online and in their printed magazine. He feels he have been tricked into compiling lists of new Danish beers for the organisation without any comopensation.

As this is published on the eve of the Copenhagen Beer Festival, organised by the same Danish Beer Enthusiasts, there is no doubt what the hot topic of the week will be in Copenhagen.

I’d not be surprised if there was a press release from the Danske Ølentuisaster soon.

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