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I think I have mentioned before that the Swedish pub chain Bishops Arms (their spelling) were planning to expand to neighbouring countries.  I don’t know about Norway, but at least they are open for business in Copenhagen.

The interior is very much buy it by the yard and by the container type of English pub. The girl behind the bar was very helpful, explaining the rather intricate way of swiping your credit card in a charming way. Advice: Bring cash here!

A special hop bomb brewed by Mikkeller. Bredarö bitter on tap. Fuller’s range on keg. A lot of the beer taps were off at mid-week, but there seemed to plenty in the fridges to choose from as well.

The Mikkeller Snaphane looked unpleasantly murky brown, but had a lovely hoppy herbal palate. Light bodied and refreshing. Basil, grass and watercress.

I would not classify this bar as a goal in itself, but if you do a crawl in the area, it is well worth a stop. If you are more lucky than I were, there are probably more Swedish beers on tap as well.

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