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Airports. Some of them have adjusted to modern times, and if the airlines let you check in beforehand and they don’t make a fuzz about your suitcase being a wee bit heavy, they can be all right. Some are wastelands for beer – Oslo is a prime example, some are pretty decent. Munich has a brewpub in the middle of the airport, Edinburgh ( among a number of UK airports) has Wetherspoons pubs both before and after security with several hand pumps with decent ales.

I have flown through Berlin a number of times over the last few years, always through Tegel airport. The shops after security there has a few canned beers, but nothing worth taking home.

There was a pleasant surprise in store when we arrived at Schönefeld airport for our flight back home. Security went smoothly, there was a lovely organic takeaway/café for sandwiches and snacks, there was a duty free with perfume and upmarket German wine.

And there were two kiosks with newspapers, sweets, tinned sauerkraut, over-priced souvernirs – and beer.  Beers from Bavaria, beers from Mecleburg-Vorpommern, beers from Berlin. A fridge full of beers from the outstanding Berlin micro Brewbaker. 3 liter bottles of bath beer from the Neuzeller Kloster-Bräu. 5  liter party kegs of Berliner Kindl Pils and Schwartzbier.

I’m sure the airlines hate it.

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