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KaDeWe Kaufhof des Westens – a department store that used to be a temple of luxury goods in the heart of West Berlin. Sure, it is still a place for serious shopping if your credit card is up to it, I did not bother to explore in any detail, but they claim to be the largest department store on the European Continent. Think Harrods.

The top floors are dedicated to gastronomy, and there is surely something there to drool over, from grand display for fish and seafood to vintage wines going back for more than a century. Lots of small (and expensive) food bars as well as a buffet on the top floor.

And a beer department, too. Well stocked, but not dazzling. Belgian trappists, if you need them. Lots of German beers, most of them mainstream. Global lagers for tickers. And their own KaDeWe Pils, brewed by Berliner Kindl. No need to buy that, find a Kellerbier from a more obscure brewery instead.

The rule applies to this as to many other places: No need to make a detour for the beer. But if you are there, you are likely to find something interesting. Cold beers in the fridge if you suffer from shopping fatigue, too.

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