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Strolling around the streets near my hotel one morning, watching people on their way to work and school, I saw a sign for a bottle shop, a Getränkemarkt. I know that this type of shop is common in Germany, but I have not been to one before. I did not have any desperate need for more beer, as the box of Bavarian beers had arrived. Still, it is interesting to have a look.

The Getränke Hoffmann shares a parking lot with an Aldi shop, and it is clearly aimed at those who buy their beer in quantities. It is cheaper if you buy a crate, and most of the shop is dedicated to industrial pils in quantities. Soft drinks, wine and spirits, too.

But there are also a few imports and a fair selection of beers from smaller breweries. I purchased a few bottles from a display of seasonals, spring being the time for Osterbier and Maibocks, usually pale and strong. An Altenmünster Maibock from the Allgäuer Brauhaus was the best of them. It came in a lovely swing top bottle. Dark gold, fruity and with a liberal dose of aromatic hops. Grapefruit and grass in the tail. Right now it is on sale – 16 bottles for 12 Euros, according to their web site.

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Potsdam is more than castles and gardens. It is a university town and home to the parliament of the state of Brandenburg. And it has a splendid pedestrianised centre with small shops and cafes. The most charming part of that is the Dutch Quarter, which narrowly escaped the bulldozers in the final days of the DDR regime. Now it is restored to its former glory, and we headed there for dinner before returning to Berlin.

My beer radar steered me towards the Potsdamer Kulturcafe, an establishment rather strict in its approach to what to serve its customers. Well, the beers from Braumanufaktur had evidently passed the ecoløogical test. I knew of this local micro, but it was a bit out of the way, so I did not expect to be able to sample their brews on this occation.

Two beers in nice swing top bottles, a Hell and a Dunkel.

According to the label: Money alone does not bring happiness. Drink beer!

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