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Cafe am Neuen See

Across the entrance to the Berlin Zoo, to the right of the railway station, there is a bike rental place. It gives a splendid opportunity to explore the Tiergarten park, which covers a large area, much of it crisscrossed with paths. It is also easy to cross into the central areas of the Mitte, the reborn central area. There is plenty of space for both bikes and walkers along the river Spree, and this gives great views of the new monumental buildings – the Central Station, the Prime Minister’s Office and the annexes to the Bundestag.

On your way back, there are two fine options. A large Biergarten, the Cafe am Neuen See, where you can even hire a boat to go exploring the lake. Or, almost back to the Zoo, the smaller Schleusenkrug, named after the locks of a canal connected to the Spree.

A Berliner Weisse would be appropriate. Low in alcohol, too, if you want to continue on your bike.



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