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Seven deadly sins

The Austrian magazine Genuss has a list of the seven deadly sins to avoid if you want to serve beer on tap. We are talking about keg lagers here, not cask condition ales. Nevertheless:

  • Old beer. Once a keg is opened, it should be consumed, preferably on the same day. Not enough turnover to serve beer on tap? Go for good bottled beers instead.
  • Right temperature. What matters is the temperature when it is served to the consumer. If the glass is to be carried through a beer garden in high summer, it needs to be kept cold enough.
  • Wrong pour. Never let the beer tap into the glass. Never use anything to take off the head.
  • Lack of head. Practically all Austrian beers should be served with a proper, good-looking and stable head.
  • Rinsing of used glasses. Only freshly washed glasses should be rinsed in the Spülkranz, unless you want to spread Herpes.
  • Hygiene. The dispensing system and the bar should be kept clean at all times.
  • No cheating. Never fill beer from one glass into another. No pre-tapping to have beer ready. Never.

The translation is a bit halting, but you get the message. Even a humble half liter of lager should be properly cared for.

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This little shop is tucked away in a side street, but actually just a few minutes away from the main tourist route. I have walked past it several times, but never during its opening hours.

The owner takes his beers seriously – this is where they refused to sell Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon 2 until had aged longer in the bottle.

The shelves are crammed with beers from near and far. Imports, yes, but the emphasis is on Danish micros. You get a little bewildered, until you see that the shelves are organised according to beer style.

Glassware, books and boxed beer gifts, too. For the special occasion, there is a gift wrapped basket with 12 Mikkeller beers.

I’d say the prices are similar to Ølbutikken, but Barley Wine has more regular opening hours and has, for the time being, a more convenient location. Try to visit both of them.

Be sure to check out the Barley Wine web site, with comprehensive coverage of the Danish micros they carry.

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