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Cafe Laundromat, Oslo

Some neighbourhoods in Oslo have a fair number of pubs, bars and cafés, some have to make do with fast food outlets and coffee bars. Around my place there is nowhere to go if I want a decent beer, meaning I have to go downtown.

If you live or work around Bislett, you don’t have to go far. In the middle of the roundabout in front of the stadium there is a cafe that has been around for a year or so. There used to be a sushi restaurant there, if I’m not mistaken, before that a down market Chinese.

Cafe Laundromat has a few washing machines, sure, but it is mostly a café. All the coffee you’d possibly want, fresh smoothies, students from the nearby college, trendy twentysomethings filling the rickety chairs and second-hand sofas.

The food? I had a burger, which had loads of ingredients. Layers of fairly dry shrimps, aioli, mushrooms, mango and what have you. A beef patty that seemed to have been cooked earlier in the day and then reheated, any juciness or texture was long gone.

But if you’re just thirsty, they have a great range of beers. All the Nøgne Ø beers in bottles and a few on tap. Lots of BrewDogs, Ægir and Haandbbryggeriet. Some trappists, other Belgians, US and German beers. Mikkeller and de Molen. The price level seems to be about average for Oslo.

As spring has arrived, I pass by on my bike on my way home every afternoon. A fine pit stop when it gets warmer. But I think I’d rather make my own burgers. Perhaps their pizza is better.

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