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You might have read it elsewhere, but a very important source of information on the Scandinavian beer scene is closed down. I have written before that beerticker.dk has struggled to find a financial solution. Well, now Peter Myrup Olesen has thrown in the towel. He had hoped to get enough financial support from the Danish Beer Enthusiasts and the Danish brewing industry, but that did not work out.

Thanks to Peter for all the work you’ve put into the project – hope to see you over a beer some time!

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Pigs might fly

Even in the traditional lager lands of Central Europe, there are some signs of experimental beers. There are limited editions of barley wines and other brews defying the Reinheitsgebot.  Even a rather traditional brewery like Stiegl in Austria has launched a Stout. Keep them coming!

To keep up with beer news from the region, with an emphasis on Austria, try BIER täglich. At last some use for my rusty school German, the rest of you have to rely on Google translate.

I like the “beer of the month” concept, I wish more breweries would set up something like this. The logistics are probably a nightmare, but it’s what we tickers want.

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