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I won’t bother you with all the walking around on Sunday morning, but after trying, without success, to get into the dome of the Bundestag building, we were in need of some refreshment again. Extremely convenient then that there is a sister establishment of the Sony Center Lindenbrau next door to the Brandenburger Tor, the Hopfingerbräu im Palais.

We dis not eat anything, but the beer was just as refreshing. I assume this is packed in the summer as well, you could hardly ask for a better location.

Same menu, same beer list as in the Sony Center. They have an outlet in the new main railway station, too. But I’d rather see more of these than, say, Hard Rock Cafes.

But by now it was time to go beyond the fleshpots of the touristy inner city. Another advantage of going out of season – there was a free taxi just when we needed one.

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Berlin VI – Marcus Bräu

By now my comrades had a suspicion there was a master plan behind it all, but they happily came along to yet another brewpub. There are only time constraints for me not having visited the Marcus Bräu before, it is just a stone’s throw from the Brauhaus Mitte.

A friendly young waitress took orders. The beers were rather pedestrian, unfiltered dark, unfiltered light. A sign advertising three shots of Bierbrand for the price of two or something similar caught our eye, and we swiftly ordered a round. This was downright nasty stuff, raw and unaged – this should have been distilled a few extra times.

A glass of sweet beer liquor was far better. But it was time to call it a night.

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