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With solid and liquid refreshment under our belts, we set out again from Potzdamer Platz, taking in the sights along the way. The Holocoust Memorial dominates the stretch up to Brandenburger Tor, from there you walk  along past and present glories that show a city reborn.

We strolled down Unter dem Linden in pleasant winter weather. Even this street had plenty of space now, being as off-season as it gets around here. There are few signs of ordinary habitation on this street, it’s a long row of embassies, luxury hotels, souvenir shops and car showrooms most of the way down to Alexanderplatz.

That did not matter much. We had a lot of catching up to do, and we did not have much of an agenda. There were calls for more refreshments as we approached the television tower, but I steered them past a few bars, telling them we ought to visit another brewpub instead.

Brauhaus Mitte is one of those weird setups you find around the globe – pubs imitating an old country inn while shoehorned into a shopping centre. This was OK, as long as you kept your back to the shops behind us.

The beers? We had a glass each, I opted for a Zwickl, the others a Dunkel or a Helles. The beer was not up to much, Jon felt that his Dunkel was certainly not up to German standards.

We did not linger long, and by now we were discussing if we should head back to the hotel for a rest or not.

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