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Zum Uerige sign

Zum Uerige was the fourth and final of the breweries I had planned to visit in Düsseldorf. Sure, there are others, but I did not want to be too late for my flight. There was another obstacle, namely the Christmas market spread over much of the old town. I did not see any stalls selling beer, but they were doing a brisk trade in mulled wine and cider. Handicrafts and sweets, too, sausages and chickens.

The brewery/restaurant is similar to the Füchschen in that it is a labyrinth of rooms. Some for eating, some for drinking. Some for sitting down, some for standing up. Some for smoking, some for live music. You find a place to stand or sit, then catch the eye of a waiter. He brings you a continuing supply of Alt glasses. If you sit at a table, he marks your beer mat, if you stand up, he uses chalk marks on the walls.

The place is packed with families and groups of friends, it is very charming. Brass reliefs, proverbs in dialect on the walls, lots of old polished wood. I would not mind spending a whole evening here.

The beer?

Wood, smoke, prunes and pepper, according to my notes.

Time to find a taxi.

In hindsight, I should have had a meal at one of the beer places. Because the over-priced chicken and rice dish I had at the airport was hardly edible.

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