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The next stop, the third brewpub in an hour, is jus a few meters down the street. Several rooms in a quite bright and airy place. Lots of small details when you look closer – wood, tiles, etched glass.The wooden barrels meet you by the entrance, the waiters shuttle back and forth with their trays. This line of work seems to be reserved for adult males in Düsseldorf. Polite and efficient, I wouldn’t guess how many small glasses are served on a busy Sunday like this.

All tables seem to be booked, so I stand shoulder to shoulder with some locals and enjoy a few glasses. The beer?  The house Alt is the standard here, too. Very complex. Oak, vanilla, peaches, pepper. In a way it reminds me of more daring British bitters.


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Back home

So I’ll get back to reports from Scotland. As soon as I’ve finished the Düsseldorf pub series.

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