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I had it all lined up. First my series of Düsseldorf Kneipen, then reports from this weekend in Edinburgh. Not a pub crawl weekend, mind you, as I am here with one of my offspring and two of his mates. I have managed to fit in a few pints, however, there are nice pubs in the neighbourhood. More about that later,when I upload the photos.

That might take some time. Our flight home to Oslo last night was cancelled, along assorted other Ryanair departures. All of us then filled the arrival hall, waiting for a long time for our luggage. There was swearing in Norwegian, crying in Catalan and desperate phone calls in English and German to try to get alternative tickets. As Heathrow and Gatwick were closed as well, the options were limited. The Eurostar is full until 24 December.

With some help on the home front, we have new tickets for this evening.  And our hotel had a room for the night. I even found an off licence full of German and Scottish beers. We are wery lucky compared to those who have to camp at the English airports.

But do you really need to shut down countries in Northern Europe because of an inch or two of snow?

To be continued……

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The old town or Altstadt in German cities is sometimes a collection of gingerbread houses. Some of them are really old, having escaped the ravages of war and neglect. Some are replicas.

In Düsseldorf, there might be an old building in between, but the modernity of most of the houses means that this was redecorated by the Royal Air Force some years ago. But at dusk, with seasonal lights and decorations, there is even a traditional Christmas market, it is charming enough. This particularly applies to the beer halls.

My second brewpub is the Shumacher, five minutes walk from the first one. There is a private function of some sort taking most of their capacity, so I just order a beer at a table outside.

This beer, served in the same type of glass, has slightly less oak character. It is also served straight from the barrel, and it is rather flat.There is grapefruit and bitter oranges, and the reduced wood character means that the malty body is allowed out to play. Well balanced, would probably appeal to a broader public  than the Alt at the Füchschen- but in this town they don’t seem to worried about beer being too tough.

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