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Pretty proud of that. Three umlauts in the heading.

When I booked my flight to Lisbon, there were several options, with Lufthansa and KLM the most cheap and convenient. Lufthansa even had several options – I could go back via Munich, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf.

I wouldn’t mind a few hours in Munich, but I realized that downtown Düsseldorf  is only a few minutes from the airport by taxi. And that I could have a four-hour stopover and still get a cheap ticket.

So, even before the schedules arrival I find myself in a taxi towards my first Altbier outlet, Füchschen, on the outskirts of the Old Town. Less than 20 Euros brings me to the doorstep.

There is a crowded bar with standing room only at the entrance, where the oak casks are dispensing the beer by gravity.

I go further in through various large rooms and find myself a table at the back. Lots of groups of families and friends out for their Sunday lunch, very cozy atmosphere. I ask for an Alt, and the waiter is swiftly back with a 0,2 liter glass. This is their standard glass, and you are supposed to drink this in multiples, they stick to the traditions around here.

You might have had bottled versions of this beer type, but I must say this is something you should have fresh from a brewpub. Sweet and sour, rich maltiness, yet oaky dry. Lovely mahogny color, low carbonation, but a fluffy head. In a German polsner served from tap, this is achieved by spending 7 minutes to get a proper head. In this beer straight from the oak, I assume that there is little carbonation in the first place. The wood aging gives the real, rather harsh, character here. Some vanilla, but mostly sourness.

There is an extensive menu, with all the pork dishes you could imagine. Some seasonal offerings, too, I was seriously considering the roast goose. But when I was told that their Christmas beer was only to be bought as a take away, I decided to head for my next stop, as I had some more places to cover. But I bought a bottle, sure.

Fuchschen Alt

Fits in well with the Christmas decorations


Fuchschen blackboard

The takeaway offer

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