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A glass of Jetstream

We were half an hour delayed as we squeezed into the bus at the tarmac of Munich Airport. The pilot said there was no reason to worry, as there had been a blizzard in the early morning, so they were more or less closed down until just before we arrived. Right now there was bright sunshine on the fresh snow.

According to plan I should be boarding in five minutes, but the monitors told me there was half an hour delay. No time to run downstairs, through customs and across the square to the Airbräu brewpub, then. I pass by a restaurant/bar called Käfer, where there is a blackboard announcing Kumulus, the wheat beer from Airbräu. Maybe they have the new pilsner as well?

Sure thing. Seconds later there is a shining glass of Jetstream pils in front of me. Crisp, clean, hoppy. It reminds me of the lovely herbal Jever pils from the opposite corner of Germany.

Would I like another one? Sure. Except my flight is boarding.

(I should have had another. We spent an hour de-icing and waiting for a slot on the runway.)

I was sure I had taken photos of the beer. But no. You’ll have to make do with one I borrowed  from their web site.

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I’ve been told there is a new micro opening in Oslo early next year. Centrally located in Roald Amundsens gate, close to the City Hall. Stay tuned for details.

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