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Gammel StrandNo time to elaborate on the shelves of the more sophisticated beer shops of Copenhagen. Just a quick visit to Gammel Strands Øl & Vin, one of the old shops in the genre. They have a fine range of Danish micros and regionals and enough imports to keep tickers happy for a while. I had five minutes, so there wasn’t much browsing.

No Mikkellers to be seen, but three seasonals from Hornbeer are fine by me. They had a bit of a rough treatment, so I decided to try two of them right away:

The Juleøl is brewed using Trappist yeast, and the aroma is very Belgian. A Blue Chimay is not far away here. The flavour is also very similar. Ripe plums, candy sugar and just enough sourness to hold the sweetness in check. The label says spices, but it does not specify. I feel cinnamon, nutmeg and sage, but I could be mistaken. Robust enough to cope with a Danish pork roast with red cabbage.

The Happy Hoppy Christmas is an IPA, but a rather modest variety of the species. Aromatic hoppy nose with pine and herbs, this continues with a herbal bittersweet mouth feel. Soft grass, mint and some black pepper in the finish. Would be fine with heavy food, the herbs should be able to cut through.

The last one, Helge, is a 10% brewed with cherries. It will have to wait for another day.

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