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I had looked at the Tivoli web site beforehand, so I knew there were some of the stands worth looking into. Lots of chocolate and dough fried in fat, cute dolls and cool Danish design things to hang on the tree. I passed them all. But then there was a pretty little pavilion promising delicacies from Provence and Canada. I walked in.

The Schoune Brewery had ten of their beers for sale. There were samples to be had, and I had a chat with Andre (?), who is based in Sweden and tries to break into the Scandinavian nmarkets with their brews. Their web site says it’s a farmhouse brewery, but their long list of beers and annual production of a million liters tells me they have grown a bit beyond that.

A spicy tripel, a spicy blond, a beer brewed with maple syrup. Nice attempts of trying new approaches, I decided to buy a few bottles to take home. I’ll come back to more detailed tasting notes when I have tried a full bottle at more appropriate temperatures. (Except for the maple syrup beer, which did not survive the flight..)

There was a range of stronger stuff, too. Maple suryp, herbal teas and lamps. And, a very nice pairing, a fantastic selection of French cured sausages. I bought three – chestnut, duck with green pepper and one flavoured with a mature cheese which name escapes me.

There are many opportunities for promoting beer in Copenhagen, and the country is filled with beer festivals. The problem is that a small importer might drown among all the fuzz and all the one-offs and extreme beers. To showcase your products in a place like this seems sensible to me.

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