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When I heard rumour that the Berentsen brewery at the Southwestern coast of Norway had a new, 15% ABV Christmas beer, I wrote them to ask for a bottle. They were pleased to send me one – and I was happy to get one, since this seems to be sold out at all the Vinmonopolet stores. The beer was limited  to just 1895 numbered bottles, and there seems to have been enough of a buzz for this to fly off the shelves. I think you still might find it in some of the better beer bars around the country.

It pours a very dark brown, with no carbonation to speak of.

Strong, almost meaty flavour. Like a beer extract. Smoke, liquorice, mint and spices.

A beer to be sipped like a brandy. Rather sweet, but it has a complexity to cope with that.

I’m very happy to report that there are breweries beyond the usual trinity of Norwegian craft breweries that dare to push the boundaries.

The brewery suggested to pair the beer with some blue cheese, and it proved a perfect match.

Let’s hope there is a new edition next Christmas.

Stelliger Divum bottle

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