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These are two of the new beers launched over the year from Nøgne Ø – Two Captains and #500. Two Captains is described as a Double IPA, and is brewed to a recipe from a homebrewing competition. A cloudy ruby beer, loads of aromatic hops, like a breeze from the forest. Sweet and dry, pines, eucalyptus. It is strong, full bodied – and very drinkable. A bit too much spearmint toothpaste in the tail to declare pure genius here, but a damn good beer!

#500 is even more intense, an Imperial India Pale Ale, no less. Low carbonation, pines and spruce. Sweet seducing malty body, a bit oily. Sweet and dry, intense, for slow contemplation while you slowly work your way towards the bottom. Nothing easy drinking here, you need to focus and concentrate. Like a beer elixir. Very hoppy, and, I assume, this will mellow into something quite different over time. I can’t wait for #1000!

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