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The good people at KLM are giving away free personalized luggage tags. Though I’d have a few for my beer suitcase, but no:

 The picture you upload must meet our terms and conditions:
  Any photos that you submit must be yours (and yours only).
  You must have the rights to all content in your submitted materials.
  Nothing obscene, offensive, or discriminatory; no nudity, profanity, violence, or religious symbolism.
  Nothing that depicts or promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, or any political agenda.

Sorry for even thinking about it. How about small furry animals?

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 There is no Santa

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas beers from near and far. Some of them elusive, some more common. Lots of online buzz about what might be found where. Regional rarities might be found in Oslo – but only until the keg is empty. Too bad I don’t have time for pub crawling now.

Any foreign tickers who have just won the lottery should book a ticket.

Availablility is one thing. The price level is something else.


The Christmas beer list at Tilt

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