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While we rely more and more on online reading, there are still some publishers who help us fill our shelves with beer-related books. The latest addition is a new book in the 80 beers series from Cogan & Mater, this time around it is Around Amsterdam in 80 beers.

I have found the guides to Brussels and London very useful, and the new book follows the same format. A short introduction on the Dutch beer scene, maps showing all the bars and shops and then an easy reading presentation of each establishment, all of them with color photos.

There are bars old and new, the speciality beer shops, tasting rooms for beer and jenever, cafes and restaurants.

The obvious choices are there, but with 80 places covered you also get to know those who are not so obvious to the occasional visitor. In addition to Amsterdam, a number of places in Haarlem are also covered.

The author, Tim Skelton, has lived in the Netherlands for decades, and this in-depth local knowledge is obvious.

Handy for putting in a coat pocket, this book is a must for any beer interested visitor to Amsterdam. It is even a good read for armchair travellers. I’m sure you can get this book in some of the drinking holes covered in the book, but it is probably better to order it online, as it is a handy planning tool.

I hereby nominate Berlin, Vienna (with a side trip to Bratislava) and Copenhagen (with Malmö included) as the next books in the series!

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