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So, I ordered a box of 16 beers from beermerchants.com. They arrived at some customs warehouse, I gave the post office my blessing to do the customs clearance, and a week later I got a slip in my mailbox that for the princely sum of  100 Euros or so, I was welcome to pick it up.

When I came home and opened it, I found that two bottles were broken. They were not the most interesting ones, the new and rare stuff from new English breweries were intact. Beer from breweries like Gadd’s, Hardknott and The Kernel.

The broken bottles had soaked into the cardboard, making a smelly papier mache. Some of the labels of the remaining bottles were also ruined, but I was not going to enter them into any beauty contes anyway.

No, the problem were the uninvited visitors they had attracted. Fruit flies.

I immediately cleaned all the remaining bottles on the outside, throwing away the soiled cardboard.

But here we are, five days later. They are still hanging around in the kitchen, expecting more beer. Any good remedies short of doing the whole pesticide routine?

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