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So, I was invited to the launch of the place some weeks ago. Now it’s been open to the public for two weeks – time to check it out.

It is still early afternoon on a Friday, perhaps a dozen customers, the beer list a mix of their own brews and guests. Their Amarillo beer seems to have evolved into a weaker version at 4.1%. The newest beer on offer is the IPA, phonetically named Aj Pi Ei. The Thunder Bear Stout is also on,. Guests are Nøgne Ø Tiger Trippel and Weienstephan Hefeweisse. A selected number of bottles, too, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and US micros.

I enjoy the Aj Pi Ej with its flowery profile. Citrus and a hint of honey, a little marzipan. I would prefer it a little dryer, but it is a very decent beer.

The Amarillo is not as good as the earlier batch I tried. Sure, there are fine Amarillo hops in there, it has the makings of a smooth session beer. But there is an undertone of burned rubber tyres that makes it hard work to enjoy the other elements. Sorry, but this was not up to standard.

A bitter is almost ready, but needs some time in the conditioning tank, and there wi a wheat beer on within a week or so as well. I’m told that they have brewed a test batch of Christmas beer, too, but that the recipe needs a little tweaking before it is brewed on a larger scale.

So. This place is reputedly packed in the evenings, and they have problems keeping ut with demand. I have a feeling they are rushing the beers out before they are really ready.

I hope they are able to stabilize things a bit more, the worst thing to happen is that there are rumours that the beers are not up to standard. Perhaps it is better to focus on two standard beers, I’d suggest a stout and an IPA and make sure they are available at top form at any time. When this is up and running, it is time for the more fun part – one offs and experiments.

Schouskjelleren entrance

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