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Good Beer NYC

It is a bit of a relief that mainstream (well, even if it was once a radical rag, a number of decades makes it estblished, don’t you think?) media use crappy photos. The substance of the story in the Village Voice is that there is a new beer bar in the East Village due to open soon.

Good Beer NYC will have 12 beers on tap, 900 in bottles. 422 East 9th Street.

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Lovely blog post at the Wall Street Journal about the Brewers of Europe, who try to send a message to the European legislators about beer being convival.


So the message is that “convivial” drinking occupies a middle ground somewhere between not drinking at all and drinking so much that you collapse on the street in a pool of your own vomit. It’s about drinking with family and friends, not downing beer after beer by yourself in your basement.

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