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I’ve been to this place before, in a previous incarnation, as this used to be a franchise of the Belgian Delirium chain of beer cafes. I was not too impressed by that concept, as it’s too much about large numbers of beers, wich are often not available anyway.

The present Beer Republic concept, which opened just about a year ago, seems more relaxed. Still a huge number of beers available, including many Swedish micros on tap and imports in bottles.

This is a much bigger place than the previous stops, offering lots of seating on various levels. Here I met up with quite a few of the Gothenburg ratebeer community for a nice chat. good company, but it means no decent notes about the beers on offer, no chance to look at the menu or anything like that.

I know I had two beers from Oppigård – Bergsmansöl and Saaz. The Bergsmansöl was a dry, crisp Bohemian lager. too hopped for some, perhaps, but not for me.

We were invited into their walk-in fridge, where I found the Samuel Adams Imperial Stout, which I’ve only seen in the ads in BA Magazine, so I had to have a wee drop of that, too.

A pleasant place and a fine way to get an update on the local scene. And if I was locked up here, I could surely keep on drinking new beers for a week or so…

But there was one more stop…..

Let loose in the beer fridge

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