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I do this blog as a hobby. It gets a bit too time consuming at times, perhaps, but I have a job, a family and a life, too.

I get the occasional bottle of beer from breweries near and far, but, on the whole, I pay my way in the beer shops and bars I visit.

Would I do this for money, given the chance? Sure. But based in a country where alcohol ads are banned, it is not likely to happen.

One beer site I admire is beerticker.dk, where Peter Myrup Olesen has been running a comprehensive coverage of the Danish beer scene, featuring news from the industry, media clippings and other sources. This has been updated several times a day, and is probably far better than the in-house monitoring being done by Carlsberg and the other big players. The site also has had a constantly updated list of new Danish beers.

Peter has been doing this full-time, but he has now announced that he most likely will close down his site. He has not been able to raise enough money to keep on doing this, so he is looking for other things to do.

I will miss beerticker.dk, it is a service that has been very useful for the beer community across Scandinavia.

There are other types of blogs which generate a lot of revenue, particularly those with teenage girls as their target audience. I assume that beer blogs in, say, Sweden or the UK may also generate some income. The question would probably be how much time you would need to sell ads – at the expense of writing.

As a whole, the beer blogsphere will continue to be dominated by those who do this for fun. This means  less comprehensive coverage like Peter has done in Denmark and more like this blog, where bolts of inspiration and time constraints set the schedule.

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Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri

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