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Still wrapped up

I have told you before about the plans for a new brewpub in Oslo, and it is now getting close to opening time. September 24 if everything goes according to plan. 

A few of us got a sneak peek last Saturday. 

The brewpub is located in the vaulted cellars of the old Schous brewery, dating back to the 1820s. Lots of gleaming copper ready to be used, still a lot of bits and pieces to be done before letting the drinkers in. 

The brewpub is phase one of a new restaurant complex. Above ground there will be three floors with an Italian restaurant, a wine bar and a beer/deli shop due to open next year. The rent is fairly low in this part of Grünerløkka, reflecting the rather rough neighbourhood with a brisk trade in alternative intoxicating substances. 

It will be interesting to see how this takes shape. Meanwhile, I really look forward to try the new brews on offer next weekend. 

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Revolution in action

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