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Beer drinkers old and young, from across the country, were gathered in Oslo for the first Norwegian cask ale festival. Rare beers from BrewDog, Nøgne Ø, Haandbryggeriet and Ægir were on offer, from the Bamberg-like Røyk uten ild (Smoke without fire) from Haandbryggeriet, via the increadibly smooth and chocolaty Beer Geek Brunch Weasel, BrewDogs’s Dogma (formerly known as Speedball) to the very highlight – Ægir’s new Natt Imperial Porter, both in a velvety bottled version and an edition aged in Jack Daniels barrels.

This was also a great opportunity to talk to the brewers about their beers or simply enjoy the camaraderie of the event. Splendid food at the Saturday evening dinner, too, with about 80 guests if I remember correctly.

So, a toast to Amund and his crew at Håndverkerstuene for taking the chance of hosting this event. This is the proper way to run a beer festival, not a pale lager in sight. The success of this is yet another piece of evidence of the Norwegian beer scene having grown up in just a few years. Let’s hope this will be something to mark off in our calendars every year. And yes, this is worth buying a cheap plane ticket for if you live elsewhere in Europe.

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Sometimes I read something, usually in an ad or a press release, that makes me wonder if I’m really on the same planet as those guys. Like this, an ad from the newsletter of the British trade paper the Morning Advertiser:

Excitement is mounting throughout the drinks trade as the thrilling climax of the 2010 Stella Artois UK Draught Master approaches. Twenty of the UK’s best bar staff will be displaying their dispense skills using the iconic chalice branded glass when the Draught Master is staged in London on October 13. The eagerly-awaited event – the ultimate test of bar dispense and presentation skills – underlines the renowned brewing heritage and unrivalled product quality of Stella Artois.

Actually, it is hard to know if it is intended as an ad or an article. Either way, it is useful to know where I won’t be on October 13. And remeber, as all crap, it is 100% compostable.

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