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I assume most of my Norwegian readers know about this, but for the record:

As last year, there is an open air beer festival in Oslo this week, Wednesday-Sunday. It takes place in Kubaparken, within walking distance from the city centre. A good seminar programme, put together by Gustav Jørgensen, though I find the pricing for this a bit puzzling – why not charge per session instead per day?

The beer list looks disappointing so far, but I’m told there will be more new stuff, among them some Brooklyn beers new to the Norwegian market. Last year there was a decent range of Scandinavian micro brews, but there are no signs of that this year. There are, however, rumours of some special releases from Nøgne Ø.

Sure, I will go and have a look, but I am only mildly enthusiastic about this. With the magnificent range of beers available at Håndverkerstuene and Olympen on a regular basis and with two new brewpubs due to open, this does not look to be a milestone event. But it is probably geared towards another market…

Let’s hope the weather is all right, there is always a risk of events like this turning into a mud bath around here.

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I’ve been claiming for a long time that there is a market for at least two more brewpubs in Oslo. The current Oslo Mikrobryggeri is west of the city centre, I’d say it is more of a community pub for people who work or live in the area. It seems to be quite full every evening, the beer is not too inventive or exiting,

The other two ought to be in the city centre and a bit further east, the rapidly-gentrifying-but-still-fighting-drug-pushers Grünerløkka, where all the bright young things go to play, perhaps the most interesting.

The rent in the most popular streets in central Oslo is possibly the main factor for nothing happening here, spending your precious square meters on brewing vessels and tanks when you could have squeezed in more alcopop-drinking customers instead is perhaps not interesting.

Well, it seems the time is ripe at Grünerløkka. There is not just one brewpub opening this autumn, but two. One is Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri, which I have covered before. They have not announced any opening date as yet, but October has been mentioned. They probably thought they had enough time to test the equipment before letting the punters in. As far as I know, they will feature a steady range of house beers as well as a succession of one-offs to keep the tickers coming back often.

But then I saw an announcement at Facebook telling me that Evan Lewis, the brewer at Ægir, will attend an event at Grünerløkka Brygghus. Well, some bars call themselves breweries without actually doing any beer production, and the event in question is a sort of mini beer and food festival, featuring craft beers from Norway and abroad. One further click, though, reveals that there will actually be a brewpub, opening in Thorvald Meyers gate, 500 meters or so from Schouskjelleren.

Their Facebook pages tells us the following: We will serve beers from our own production, our own imports, Norwegian and imported micro brews, beers from traditional countries like England and Belgium as well as the new exciting ones like the USA and Italy. The diversity of beer is the key word, from simple lagers to more complex ales.

They will open 1 October, I don’t know if they will have any of their own beers ready by then.


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Vintage Americana

Some splendid color photos from 1939-1943 showing the depression and preparation for war.  

They were taken by photographers of the Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information and belong to the Library of Congress.

There are lots more, though few of the beer related, at the Denver Post’s photo blog.

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Particularly when you realise that you miss a beer festival or a similar event by just a week or so.


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I tried, in the earlier days of blogging, to do some updates on the brewery and bar scene(s) in Sweden, but I found out it is beyond my capacity. The fact that there are several dozen beer bloggers in Sweden tells a lot.

A most useful site for anyone with an interest is BeerSweden, which does a splendid overview. In English, for those of you who have limited capabilities of figuring out Scandinavian lingo.

It’s very professional, with ads, videos and everything. But there is still a personal passion behind it, making it a blog and a good one at that.

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There is some healthy competition here in Oslo now. I’ve stated recently that Italy is the new California when it comes to beer. We’re not quite there, but we can soon say that Oslo is the new, well, Gothenburg.

I’m off to meet a friend at Olympen this evening. Their beer list has exploded over the last six months, the latest arrivals due to them starting importing their own.

The most interesting parts of their beer list right now:

On tap:

Hansa Pils
Murphys Red
Murphys Stout
Nøgne Ø Blond
Haandbryggeriet Odins Tipple
Beer Here Hopfix ipa
Nøgne Ø Pilsner
Amager Sundby Stout
Amager Fælled
Hornbeer Blonde
Amager Summer Fusion
Hornbeer Black Magic WomenBottled beers:

Nøgne Ø
Pale Ale
India Pale Ale
Tiger Tripel
Brown Ale
Imperial Brown Ale
Havre Stout
Imperial Stout
Tyttebær Lambic
Andhrimnir Barleywine
# 500
Two Captains
Red Horizon
Sweet Horizon
Yamahai Sake
Bavarian Weizen
Ardenne Blond
Pale Ale
India Pale Ale
IPA, Dobbel Dose
Norse Porter
London Porter
Dark Force
Norwegian Wood
Røyk uten Ild
Haandbakk 2009
Wild Thing
Great Divide Brewing
Hercules Dobbel IPA
Titan IPA
Hibernation Ale
North Coast Brewing
Brother Thelonius
Acme IPA
Old Stock Ale 2009
Rasputin Imperial Stout
Stone Brewing
Ruination IPA
Smoked Porter
Rogue Bewing
St. Rouge Red Ale
American Amber Ale
Cap. Sigs Northwestern Ale
Shakespeare Stout
Brutal Bitter
Dead Guy Ale
Left Hand Brewing
Haystack Wheat
Avery Brewing
Ellie`s Brown Ale
Out of Bounds Stout
Anderson Valley Brewing
Hop Ottin’ IPA
Poleeko Gold, Pale Ale
Oskar Blues Brewery
Dale`s Pale Ale
Gordon Ale, imp.ipa
TenFidy, imp.stout
Port Brewing/Lost Abbey
Carnevale Ale, Saison
Lost & Found, abbey dobbel
AleSmith Brewing
Yule Smith, am.strong ale
Horney Devil, belgian strong ale
The Bruery
Saison the Lente
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Bam Biere, saison
Bam Noire, saison
La Roja, sour ale
Southern Tier Brewing
India Pale Ale
2xIPA, imp.ipa
Hoppe, imp.pale ale
Big Red, imp.red ale
Iniquity, iba
Unearthly, imp.ipa
Unearthly Oak Aged
Jahva, imp.coffee stout
Captain Lowrence Brewing
Captains Reserve, ipa
Hoppin`Frog Brewery 
Hoppin`to Heaven, ipa
Mean Menalishi, ipa
Badacious Black&Tan, ipa/stout
Boris the Crusher, imp.outmeal stout
American Dream, lager
Singel Hop Simcoe,ipa
Singel Hop Nelson Sauvin,ipa
Singel Hop Tomahowk,ipa
Singel Hop Centennial,ipa
Singel Hop East Kent Golding,ipa
Weinbrand Berrel Aged Red Ale
Mikkel og Meno,weizenbock
Beer Geek Breakfast
Kiss the Frog, fruktøl
Summer, witbier
Gladiator, ipa
Biting Horse, sour ale
Hornbock, doppelbock
Imperial ipa
Cranberry Bastard
Funky Monk, bel.strong ale
Russian Imp. stout
Imagine, B.W
Black Magic Women
Caribbean Rum Stout
Beer Here 
Tia Loca, hveteøl
Fat Cat, red ale
Lupulus, pale ale
Hopfix, ipa
Hoptilicus, am.strong ale

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It’s kitschy souvenir time again, folks. The web shop of the Octoberfest is open. I am old-fashioned enough to prefer young ladies in dirndl, but they offer eye candy for ladies clothes for men, too. Like this lederhosen-like swimming trunks.

I somehow doubt that the model in the photo consumes many Steins and sausages per day. My waistline is decades beyond this…

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