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There is no lack of articles about the decline and fall of the English pub, but there are changes in other countries, too. I have written about the positive developments in Oslo concerning the ability of craft beer, but at the same time, obviously, the volume of standard pale lager is declining.

The Norwegian journalist trade paper reminisces about the good old days when the hacks used to meet up for a pint a two after work. Some of them on Fridays, some more or less every day. Nowadays, one it is more common to meet a colleague for a spinning session before work than to meet up over a beer in the evening.

Young Dredge touched upon this theme some time ago:

Going into a local after work – at least where I am, away from a big city and in a small town – feels more wrong than right, more anti-social than social. The chaps at the bar have been there too long, it’s almost empty, it’s a realm of misbehaviour – drinking is bad for you, didn’t you know? And walk into a local pub and take a look around – there won’t be many people in their early 20s just sitting there and enjoying a beer. Call me bigoted, but if there are some then they aren’t likely to be the sort of guys who you’d feel comfortable socializing with, are they?

No need to worry. I am not likely to turn this into a spinning blog any time soon.

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