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I told you about the package from BrewDog that arrived the other week – but how were the beers?

First of all, there were two bottles of the 5 A.M Saint. It was interesting to compare this with the locally available Alpha Dog, the profile is very similar with lots of fresh hops.

On to the rarities:

Abstrakt AB:01 Hazy brown beer with  lazy carbonation. It has a plastic “champagne” cork, not the real hing. With your inventive packaging for other beers, I know you can do better, boys.

Roses and herbs in the nose, sweet liqueur, almond bitterness, flowers. Toffee, malt, alcohol warming. Complex beer, on the sweet side, but very enjoyable. I should probably have controlled myself and given this some time in the cellar, but…

The Prototype 27 is really BrewDog at their best, a close relation to their Rake Raspberry Stout from a few years back, but this time using an IPA as the starting point. A glowing amber beer. Strong raspberry aroma, smoke and whisky palate. The smoke plays merrily around the berries, giving flavour you never believed you’d find in a beer. Not much of the IPA character left, but I don’t really miss that.

I wonder how many failed attempts they have before they end up with a brilliant brew like this.


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