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The most promising about the revival of Norwegian Brewers is not their predictable views on government policies, taxes and such. It is the change from being an organ for the big and medium sized breweries to the inclusion of everyone from giant Ringnes to the smallest farm breweries brewing a few hundred liters at a time.

This new and broader approach has led to a number of new members, but it has also led to a focus on craft brewing and a diversity of style. A particularly encouraging sign was that a Ringnes representative earlier this week praised the innovative spirit of Nøgne Ø and gave them credit for renewing the industry.

Among the micro breweries present at the web site launch this week were Atna Øl, Ægir and Ølve på Egge. While this event was not particularly aimed to give direct press coverage, I am sure there will be future opportunities for the smallest to show what they are doing.  As long as the bigger players see that the craft brewers are contributing to make a more sophisticated and mature market, I think this is very encouraging.

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World Cup beers

For the tickers who want to drink beers from all participating countries, the good people at BierPost in Germany have made a box containing beers from 18 of the participating countries. No luck if you’re looking for refreshments from Algiers, Chile, Ivory Coast, Honduras, Cameroon, North Korea, Nigeria, Paraguay, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia or Uruguay, though.

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