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I thought the days of trying to gather large crowds to set new Guinness world records was very, well 1980ish. But the spirit seems to be alive, at least in London.

The plan is to set a new pub crawl record. On 9 October. In London.

Our aim is to organise 3,500 people, split into 35 groups of 100 (friends will be kept together), to start in synchronicity at 11:00 in 35 different pubs around central London. Every 45 minutes they will rotate in an orderly manner to the next pub until, after 8 hours, ten pubs have been visited.

How do these guys think the pubs will be able to serve 100 drinkers at a time? Buckets of ice filled with bottled Bud is my guess.

But, by all means, I’ve taken part in more stupid events than this in my time. But, if you are in London on the day, it would be advisable to go to Greenwich or Richmond if you want a pint.

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