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Mikkeller glasses


Still a few odds and ends from my Copenhagen weekend.

I did not spend every waking moment at the beer festival – they did, after all, have limited opening hours. The other main event of the week was, of course, the opening of the new Mikkeller bar on Vesterbro.

The location is fairly central, about ten minutes from Tivoli or the Central Station. We’re talking about the back of the central station here, what used to be a fairly seedy area but now seems rather gentrified.

It’s a small place, so I assume you have to turn up early. It was, obviously, packed the Saturday evening when we were there, a quiet weekday afternoon is probably the time to go. Well, that applies to most bars around the globe, doesn’t it?.

So. Parts of the Norwegian delegation managed to find a vacant table, squeezed in between a table of pretty ladies on one side and three guys from BrewDog on the other.

15 beers on tap. A house pils and weissbier, an ever rotating list of Mikkeller beers, a cross section of breweries Mikkeller collaborates with from around the globe. Even three lambics on tap.

I tried a crisp and dry Vesterbro Pilsner. Fantastic, refreshing beer. The Mikkeller Sour Wine was probably a one off, strong, sour beer with no carbonation. Lots of sweetness, too, a puzzling beverage.

A Mikkeller/Amager colloboration next – Hr. Fredriksen Wæsel, which I believe is a blend, probably a one off. Coffee, smoke and liquorice, chocolate and cream, long smokey finish. A Girardin Junge Lambic was just the thing to clean the palate.

A long list of bottled beers, too, but I never got to look at that. But what I got was a glass of Speedway Stout kindly shared by James from BrewDog.

The Mikkeller web site promises cheese and other snacks, too. But that must be for more quiet evenings.

It’s a must stop in Copenhagen. Don’t hesitate if you are in town! Heck, it is a reason to visit in itself.

Thanks to Bjørn for helping out with photos!

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