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There are many ways of finding rare beers when you travel. You can brows the shops, you can do a pub crawl, you can visit a brewery.

Or you can trade with a local beer hound.

Haukur is active on ratebeer as well as a beer blogger, so, naturally, I got in touch with him for a trade when I knew I was going to Iceland. It turned out he lives only a few minutes away from my hotel, so he came by to say hello.

He gave me four hard to find bottles of beer from the Ölvisholt brewery, which I managed to transport home without incidents. I look forward to enjoy them soon!

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Or your beer, your DVD, your book or some other more or less beer related product?

If you want a review, at least send me a sample.

If not, please go away. And don’t be surprised if you don’t get a personal reply.

But, if you are patient, there might be a blog post during the summer: 10 ways you should not use the social media if you don’t want to appear stupid.

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